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SLOT CAR DEATH TRAP is an arcade action game in which you must drive to survive an endless onslaught of discs. You are on a fixed track, but you can control your speed, resize the track, and dash through discs to get a high score.

LEFT AND RIGHT ARROWS: Expand and contract your slot car's race track.

NUMBER KEYS 1, 2, AND 3: Set your car's speed.

NUMBER KEY 4: Dash. While dashing you're invincible to discs, and you must wait for a short cooldown before you can dash again. Be careful: If you dash around a corner, you will careen off the track.

Share your scores in the comments! I only got to 19, I'm horrible.

Thank you to the Disc Room team, fans, and Devolver!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Racing
Tags1bit, Arcade, Difficult, discroom, discroomgamejam, Minimalist, Pixel Art


Slot Car Death Trap.zip 5 MB


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Fun game, and a very neat concept. I only made it to 16. I couldn't figure out how to leave the game besides brute Alt-F4ing.

Very fun game! I was able to get 21 as a high score...for now >:)